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"Nope, thank YOU. Thank you for all the help and support through the years. Health and happiness above all.  Don’t ever take any shit from anybody.”

Thank you, CM Punk. 

Thank you,Punk

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.”-Oscar Wilde

"I wasn’t doing it for fame or money, or coz I have a big ego. I do it because i love doing it, and hopefully that wouldn’t change"

Wrestlers are probably the funniest people on earth

Anonymous asked: So, I have just been introduced to Prince Devitt. What are some of his matches and/promos that you would recommend?

First of all, i know it’s not big deal but i’m truly glad you asked me that, so i recommend you all the matches against Kenny Omega, awesome performances in the ring by these two but i got too many videos to recommend you urgh… Maybe you could come off anon so that i could send you the links by mail or twitter :)

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July 25,1981, the Prince was born

Happy 33rd Birthday,Fergal “Prince” Devitt