Only Trips would take this challenge and stay in character enough to spit the water after it hit him.

and unlike 90% of these he actually had ice in his ice water

them = sawft

hhh = brisk

Now, I’m playing with power!

Fergal Devitt’s last day in the indies and his first one in the WWE

"Look out for the light-up jacket, look out for the body paint. Look out for a new Devitt.”

Hi, I’m Chris Pratt. I’ve been challenged by Bob Iger and Vincent D’Onofrio to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Gentlemen, I accept your challenge. Uh, now, that’s twice I’ve been challenged, so I’m gonna do it slightly different. Instead of doing one bucket of ice, what I’m going to do… I found this, it’s called Blue Ice Vodka and in lieu of the bucket of ice, I’ll be drinking this. (x)

The thing you were waiting for is here. Are you dancing yet?

In which Karl Anderson probably took his words back

Anonymous asked: Prince Devitt as a face or a heel



I’m not sure why I love this gif and I dunno who I should watch?

Dean “trying” to help or Seth dramatically saving himself, Daniel falling his move, Roman struggling with the ropes, Kane worrying or Undertaker….hmmm…not doing anything?

This gif is like sensory overload, lol